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Mini Electric hoist

Miniature electric hoist is generally divided into fixed type and running type, suitable for various occasions, can lift the following 1200 kg of goods, especially suitable for high-rise buildings from the lower level to lift the heavier items. Simple structure, easy installation, small and exquisite, and use single-phase electricity as a power source. Miniature electric hoist has reached international standards in production and design, which ensures the safety of use. The motor radiator adopts cast iron structure, which improves the service life. Mini electric hoist can reach a lifting speed of 10 meters per minute, using 220V civil power supply, especially suitable for daily civil, industrial production lines, freight logistics and other occasions.


1.It has emergency stop switch and forced open limit switch. The protection class is IP54, and has thermal protection device.

2. 1)The emergency stop switch
2)Upper limit function
3)Thermal protection terminal
4)Protection class IP54
5)Insulation class B
6)Group of mechanisms M1
7)Work Duty: S3-25%-10min
8)Rated Volt: 220/230V ~ 50Hz
9)Rated Current: 2.0A
10)Input Power: 550W
11)Lifting Weight: 100kg (Single-line), 200kg (Double-line)
12) Lifting Height: 12m (Single-line), 6m (Double-line)
13)Lifting Speed: 10m/min (Single-line), 5 m/min (Double-line)
14)Diameter of wire rope: 3.0mm
15)Tensile strength of wire rope ≥ 1870N/mm2

3.Date for each Model

 Model PA200 PA250 PA400 PA500 PA600 PA800 PA1000
 Rated Volt(V)

230-50hz S3 20% 10 min

 Input Power (w) 450 500 750 900 1050 1300 1600
 Rate Lifting(kg) 100/200 125/250 200/400 250/500 300/600 400/800 500/1000
 Lifting height(m) 12/6 12/6 12/6 12/6 12/6 12/6 12/6
 Lifting  speed(m/min) 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5 10/5
 Packing  dimensions(cm) 44*38*20 44*37*25 44*37*25 44*37*25 53*45*19 53*28*35 53*28*35
 G.W/N.W 24/22 25/24 25/33 36/34 41/38 38/36 40/38
 Quan/ctn(pcs) 2 2 2 2 2 1 1

Picture for goods details

Package and shipping

1.The mini electric hoist packed with Carton box or also can be customized.
2.We usually send the electric hoist by ship.

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